Principal Investigator

Graziano Ceddia is Assistant Professor at the Centre for Development and Environment of the University of Bern. Previously he was Associate Professor in Sustainable Development at the Department of Public Governance and Sustainable Development of the MODUL University Vienna. He has a PhD in Environmental Economics from the University of York (Ebor). His main research interests fall in the area of Ecological Economics, Political Ecology, Applied Economics and Institutional Analysis. He is currently working on two main topics: 1) Land Use Cover Change (LUCC) and deforestation in tropical regions, including Latin America, with a focus on  institutional factors; 2) adaptation to climate change, with a focus on flood risk management.



Dimitris Christopoulos is Associate Professor at the Department of Public Governance and Sustainable Development of the MODUL University Vienna. Dimitris’ current research interests are on networks of political and business actors, political and policy entrepreneurship and social entrepreneur motivation. The unifying theme in his work is a focus on exceptional agency and relations as expressed in the networks of leaders and entrepreneurs.



Nick Bardsley is Associate Professor at the School of Agricultual Policy and Development of the University of Reading (UK). His research focuses on three areas. Firstly, the economics of climate change, with particular interest in insights from ecological economics and behavioural economics. Secondly, he has been conducting experimental investigations of decision making, and has also addressed related methodological issues. For example, he has been looking at evidence contradicting received theories of economic behaviour and testing alternative theories, particularly ones positing ‘social preferences’ or collective rationality. Thirdly, he is working on issues related to attitudes towards tropical deforestation in Latin America.

 elena Researcher

Elena Zepharovich is a researcher at the Centre for Development and Environment at the University of Bern. She is currently  doing her PhD at University of Bern at the Institute of Geography. Before joining the CDE, she was working at Vienna University of Economics (WU) in the Department of Ecological Economics in the field of Education for Sustainable Development. Her current research focus lies on inequality, environmental justice, post-politics and governance.